Hi Sherri

I am beyond thrilled that the Winstrol/Prednisone/Doxy combination has helped 
with Bogey, particularly given the extremely poor shape that Bogey was in when 
you started the treatment. I am surprised at the low doses, but whatever works 
for you is wonderful. You are doing it just right, checking her blood levels 
and adjusting the dosage thereafter.

Good luck to you and to Bogey, and thank you for working so hard to give Bogey 
a fighting chance.


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Good afternoon everyone. I was a pretty active person on this board when my new 
stray kitten Bogey was diagnosed as FELV+ in 2016. We had a rough go of it the 
first six months and you all were very helpful and kind and I can't thank you 
enough for that. The information was invaluable. I have become ill myself since 
that time so I fell off the planet for a bit but I wanted to take a moment to 
let you know about my girl.

Bogey is doing very well. 8/2016 - 1/2019 she had been taking 1mg of Winstrol 
(half of a capsule) and a half of a Prednisilone. (sp) I also treated her with 
a series of Doxy (7 days) once every 3 months. These dosages seem low but 
anything higher made her liver very sick and she was only barely 5 pounds 

When I took her for her biannual Chem 17 test 1/2019 ALL of her levels were 
completely normal. She has gained about 3.5 pounds and has really thrived. She 
went almost 4 months last year without the need of any kind of treatment. Her 
numbers dropped a bit last in November, just the low side of normal and but 
very low platelets. So she is getting just the Winstrol 4 times a month. I will 
know next week at her checkup if that needs to be increased. My vet says that 
this is not uncommon in the winter months...hibernation/longer nights/colder 

So here we are. I am so thankful that we found a vet willing to try to save her 
by prescribing these meds for her. She was failing so fast that I know she 
would have been gone years ago. Nothing felt as good as sending her blood test 
results and a photo of her to our original vet that said she should be 
destroyed because there were "plenty of other healthy cats that need homes".

Best to all.

Sherri & Bogey

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