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> Paul B Mahol (2017-11-19):
>> So what you propose?
> I do not know. It is your patch, and I am not even sure I understood
> your explanation correctly.

IMHO, ‘queue' is a good name for what it does. Perhaps an additional example 
would help demonstrate the option better. For example `ffplay -f lavfi -i 
testsrc=r=1 -vf tile=1x8:overlap=7:queue=1` will display 8 adjoining frames of 
the testsrc. Without `queue=1` in this example, the output will be stalled for 
8 seconds before displaying, whereas with `queue=1` there will be an output 
frame for each input frame (the first frame of the output simply showing the 
first frame of the input plus seven empty spaces).


Produce a filmstrip animation from frame @code{n-7} to @code{n}:
ffmpeg -i file.avi -vf 'tile=1x8:overlap=7:queue=1' filmstrip.mkv
@end example

Dave Rice
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