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>> >> Also, imo you have not really explained which users would have an
>> >> advantage if FFmpeg includes the AMD header.
>> >
>> > It is more a question to people who included NVidia headers.
>> I don't think my question can be answered by Nvidia users or developers.
>> You are the exclusive recipient for my question.
>> > It was for convenience, isn't it?
>> That is possible and I assume you want the AMD headers added for
>> convenience but that wasn't my question.
> In my many years of using FFmpeg as a library and as a tool I saw a lot of 
> people who build FFmpeg
> on they own as I do. One, but not all reasons for a custom build is desire to 
> debug whole application
> with one tool and on Windows many people still use Visual Studio so they make 
> a build with VS,
> which is not available in places like zeranoe.
> Another reason is to make minimum feature set needed to their app.

Thank you for the useful explanation!

> At the same time for many real-time applications a software encoder is not an 
> option.

> So these developers will appreciate default support for both GPUs.

But if all above only applies to developers (and not to users) I still
believe it is not necessary to add the header, simply because
every developer will manage to download a header from your
github page.


> What about AMD? We also have them.

I believe Hendrik answered to that argument some time ago,
others disagreed.

I can only state that the more often you repeat it, the stronger I
feel urged to request a code cleanup including documentation
for the header before it gets added.

Carl Eugen
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