Am 27.11.2017 um 03:15 schrieb Mironov, Mikhail:
I would like to summarize thoughts on several threads on this forum related
to the issue of including AMD/AMF header file into FFmpeg source tree.
It looks like they reflect some policies formal or informal.
Mark tried to create some policy regarding this issue but wasn't successful.
I believe a policy is always created to reach some goal.
So my summary will be in form of triad:
policy->goal->possible action
I will skip all arguments, you already read them.
    policy: do not include external headers
    goal: minimize maintenance efforts and increase stability of the project
    action: remove NVidia headers
    policy: keep certain headers in the tree based on some criteria
    goal: provide certain level of convenience for ordinary users
    action: include AMD header

As I have stated before, I am fine with shipping the header, and would prefer it over having to collect a bunch of headers from various repositories. To limit it a bit, I'd say in-tree external headers should be limited to header-only interfaces to system-libraries(The nvidia and amd drivers count as system libs) or other extreme cases like AviSynth.

   policy: do whatever is needed to achieve the goal
   goal: achieve neutrality in relation to HW vendors
   action: remove NVidia headers or add AMD header

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