On Mon, Nov 27, 2017 at 8:25 AM, Nicolas George <geo...@nsup.org> wrote:
> Mironov, Mikhail (2017-11-27):
>> #1
>>    policy: do not include external headers
>>    goal: minimize maintenance efforts and increase stability of the project
>>    action: remove NVidia headers
> Add to the goal: avoid being complicit of free-riders on the Libre
> software bandwagon.

That is unnecessarily un-diplomatic and will likely offend the
contributors from nvidia and amd.

Personally, I would prefer if the bundled external headers were
installed together with ffmpeg public headers (so nvenc/cuda/etc...
weren't simply private headers within ffmpeg).  There are some nvenc
APIs I need to query hardware capabilities to avoid setting nvenc
codec parameters that would cause the codec to fail to initialize via
ffmpeg apis.  Given that ffmpeg already includes the headers that
declare those APIs I've been able to use them without installing nvenc
SDK separately, but since they are private headers in the ffmpeg
source tree it feels dirty to do that.

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