I would just like to clarify: the new getattrlistbulk() function works on all filesystem. We don't have to check the volume's VOL_CAP_INT_READDIRATTR capability before calling it, correct?

James Bucanek

Eric Tamura <>
December 10, 2014 at 5:57 PM
It should be much faster.

Also note that as of Yosemite, we have added a new API: getattrlistbulk(2), which is like getdirentriesattr(), but supported in VFS for all filesystems. getdirentriesattr() is now deprecated.

The main advantage of the bulk call is that we can return results in most cases without having to create a vnode in-kernel, which saves on I/O: HFS+ on-disk layout is such that all of the directory entries in a given directory are clustered together and we can get multiple directory entries from the same cached on-disk blocks.

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