I do a lot of sight-reading too, including an increasing amount of stuff 
printed for audition from the internet in keys like E#..
Cautionarys without parentheses cause my eyes to skip back and check the key or 
the previous accidental .

My preference is:

If the note is changed by the accidental, then obviously no parentheses.
If the note is not changed by the accidental then it is not really an 
‘accidental’ and should be parenthesised.

Clearly, there are modern (and ancient) situations where the rules are 
different - in 17-limit JI I have accidentals on every note, no parentheses.

Steve P.

> On 29 Nov 2014, at 05:32, Craig Parmerlee <cr...@parmerlee.com> wrote:
> With courtesy accidentals, either parenthesize them or leave them out. 
> Anything else is a hostile act, IMHO. It is hard enough to sight-read 
> accidentals accurately without the engraver placing land mines in the way.

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