Hello all,

I’m getting multiple packages, especially gnucash2, complaining about the lack 
of system-java16-dev on my new mac. I’ve installed 
java_for_os_x_2013005_dp__11m4609.dmg, but it doesn’t seem to have rectified 
the problem. Running fink apropos java, I get:
 i      system-java     1.6.0-1 [virtual package representing Java 1.6.0]
 i      system-java16   1.6.0-1 [virtual package representing Java 1.6.0]
        system-java16-dev       1.6.0-1 [virtual package representing Java 
1.6.0 development headers]

What do I need to install to get that last package?


sudo fink install gnucash2
Information about 10219 packages read in 0 seconds.
Can't resolve dependency "system-java-dev" for package "bison-legacy-2.7.1-1"
(no matching packages/versions found)
Exiting with failure.

fink --version
Package manager version: 0.38.2
Distribution version: selfupdate-rsync Sat Nov 15 14:55:28 2014, 10.10, x86_64
Trees: local/main stable/main stable/crypto
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