Dear all, meant to disable CVS commits yesterday, but it seems they have not yet 
(at least I was just able to commit something).

I have been badly out of the loop, but: is anybody working on a transition 
plan? It seems high time for one, no? It seems we need at least this, in order:

1. A fink release with selfupdate-git or -svn support (done!)

2. A full migration of the CVS repository to SVN or GIT (status?)
   and disable write access to the CVS repository for everybody (except for 
handful of admins, so they can perform the next step)

3. A fink release (with an .info file in the CVS repository) which disables 
selfupdate-cvs, and instead prompts the user to switch to the -git or -svn 

Ideally, around step 2, all maintainers would be notified how to access the new 
distribution, I guess?

Is anybody working on this? If not, once CVS write access is down for good, I 
fear lots of Fink users will be stranded and will require manual work to 
migrate to git/svn.

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