The Pro to a VPS is that it would be offsite and thus not dependant on were 
anyone of us works.

The Con is that there would be a monthly or yearly cost and I’ll have to shop 
around for the amount of storage we require.

I’ll look around and get some pricing today, I’ll also look at our current 
usage to try and match it up.
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> On Dec 18, 2018, at 3:10 AM, Hanspeter Niederstrasser 
> <> wrote:
> On 12/16/18 11:00 AM, Justin Hallett wrote:
>> Hi Core Team,
>> I have been waiting for dmacks to get back on IRC but that doesn’t seem to 
>> be happening ;)
>> It’s with sadness that I have to inform everyone that we need to move Snitch 
>> in the next month.  I’m not sure if the fink teams would like to just get a 
>> VPS and I could move and set everything up.
>> The hardware on snitch is very old and not really worth shipping as it’s a 
>> Dell PowerEdge 2850, but I’m more then willing to ship it collect if that 
>> helps.  I’m going to be moving on from my current position and will not be 
>> able to host it at my new place of employment.  And no one left at my 
>> current position will be able to deal with it.
>> So lets make a plan and for things sorted to avoid down time.  My time is 
>> sadly VERY limited so a sooner plan is better then a later one as we may run 
>> out of time.
> What are our options with the VPS and what would be gains/drawbacks? Since 
> you're our de facto infrastructure person, would a VPS work best for you?
> Hanspeter

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