On Wed, 13 Mar 2002, Max Horn wrote:

> At 13:25 Uhr -0600 13.03.2002, Chris Devers wrote:
> >
> >In a world where Emacs can be on version 21
> How old is emacs? How big is the percentage of all open source 
> projects with such a high version number? Heck, how big is the 
> percentage with a version number above 1.0? =)

Oh very few, I admit. Of the ones that I can think of a version number at
the moment where that number is greater than 2, I can only come up with
Perl, Vim, Mozilla, and Emacs. And of those, three of them are at or near
version six (though Mozilla started at 6, and Perl's not there yet). 

Maybe we could have the Open Source Spinal Tap Rule: 
They can't go up to eleven.


> >and Windows can be on 2000,
> That doesn't count

I was just teasing, you know...

I'm just saying artificial version number inflation could, if nothing
else, serve as a good test for future-proof-worthiness. I'm not actually
suggesting that we do this for it's own sake :)

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