David R. Morrison [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] wrote:
> I have another small proposal to make related to the long-term shared libraries
> project:  I suggest that we add a new boolean field BuildDependsOnly.  If
> it is "true", the package it is in would not be "allowed" to be Depended on
> by any other package, only BuildDepends would be allowed.  Fink won't
> actually enforce this, it will only issue a warning, but it would be a
> good method (I think) to remind developers that they are not supposed to
> be having another package Depend on this one.
> So, when packaging software with shared libraries, your package "foo"
> which contains headers and the libfoo.dylib symlink would say
> "BuildDependsOnly: true", while the package "foo-shlibs" would have no
> restriction like that.
> Any reactions to this, for or against?

Makes sense to me.

Another thing that occurred to me while packaging is, is there a way to
do multilines inside a splitoff?  While making the kdelibs package, I have
a huuuuuge line of files in the "Files:" section of the bin and shlibs
sub-packages.  Can those be continued with \ at the end, or maybe a sub

Splitoff: <<
 Files: <<<<

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