At 12:46 Uhr +0200 03.06.2002, Kurt Pfeifle wrote:
>Hi, all,
>let me first give my highest praise to all of you, who are working on
>Fink and all that great stuff for Darwin and Mac OS X, especially the
>KDE port! Thank you very much. I am a complete newbie to Mac OS 8, 9 or X
>and Darwin (though not so to Linux) -- and everything worked like a charm
>for me.
>I got an iBook borrowed from Apple for 2 months (to be able to write
>about CUPS, the future printing subsystem in Jaguar, and to show it at
>LinuxTag in Karlsruhe, Germany, this week, Thursday - Sunday). The
>box arrived on Saturday afternoon, with Mac OS X installed.
>Now, after spending all Sunday, I have most of Fink installed, plus the
>new KDE 3.0.1 !  This is just a brilliant job you've accomplished!
>However, I had one difficulty: I am sitting behind a proxy/firewall. I
>wasn't able to find out, how to set everything up to pass the authentication
>to the proxy, if I am using the "fink" installation/compilation frontend.
>* I tried an URL of http://username:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:8080/
>   (with being the normally working proxy setting
>   for any application that passes the authentication request back to
>   the UI).
>* I also tried to set up an alias of curl:
>        alias curl  'curl --proxy-user username:password'
>* I edited the automatically created fink.conf differently to no
>   avail.
>Any ideas o this one?

I would love to work on this but since I am not behind an auth proxy 
myself I have no way to test it. You could help us though if you 
found out if there was any way for you to manually invoke curl, that 
succeeds to retrieve files. If you then tell us the command line 
necessary for this, we'll be happy to fix Fink to call curl in the 
appropriate manner.

For now, try to use wget, I heard that it works behind auth proxies using Fink.

>If I solve this, I could stay more current with the Fink development and
>also compile everything or parts from CVS.

Note that CVS doesn't support proxies. We have a patched cvs package 
that adds proxy support 
but it's very awkward to use. I hope that one day I have time to 
clean this patch (made by 3rd party) so that it respects the 
HTTP_PROXY environment variable... alas that is for the future, when 
somebody has time to do it.

>At the present time I cross the proxy *when working from Linux* by using
>"transconnect". (See the project page on sourceforge). It allows me access
>to KDE and CUPS CVS. (See also recent article in German "LinuxMagzin", for
>those of you, who have access to it). "transconnect" uses the LD_PRELOAD
>environment variable to replace the CONNECT function calls of the libc with
>its own proxy-aware CONNECT. Unfortunately it didn't compile for me on
>Mac OS X -- maybe one of you guys has more luck and knowledge? "transconnect"
>is only 18 kB of size and would be a nice little utility for other Fink
>users too...

If you give us an URL, we'll take a look.

>In the end I downloaded everything manually, using IE on Mac OS X, and
>then installed with dpkg (with resolving every dependency manually, oh
>boy, now I have the complete Fink on disk....)

Errrrr... HU ???? What did you do :-)

apt-get certainly should work even behind authenticated proxies, in 
fact I have several ppl that reported success with apt-get in this 
scenario. Also, the binary installer of Fink, a 8-9 MB disk image, 
will install a core system. In no case should you have to call dpkg 
manually (well, at least not to install packages). Even if Fink can't 
download files itself, this should never ever be necessary.

>And I have one very urgent feature request:
>* Could you please compile kdelibs and kdebase against libcups, and offer it
>   ASAP for download?

Well, I just put up a cups 1.1.14 package, which required quite some 
tweaking to build fine. However, I don't even know if it works at 
all, i.e. I built it but couldn't test it yet.

We did link against cups in the past, but back then only cups 1.1.10 
was available in Fink and completly unusable, hence at my personal 
request cups support was disabled in KDE for the time being. That 
could probably be changed now, though I don't know if cups is working 
at all.

Of course if you offer to do testing (e.g. by testing my cups 1.1.14 
package etc.), that would help.

Benjamin, what do you say?

>This would be extremely nice, as we could then show up KDE and CUPS on
>Mac OS X / Darwin at the booth.
>Alternatively, could you provide me with a little HOWTO about the compilation
>of those packages on Mac OS X? (Where to take the sources from, what compile
>options to use, etc.).

Er... as with any package, compilation is done via:

   fink build PACKAGE

or to force a recompile:

   fink rebuild PACKAGE

>For documentation about KDEPrint (and its heavy dependency on CUPS) look at
>I have CUPS already up and running on the iBook (compilation worked out of
>the box with the downloaded source file as modified and offered by Apple),
>but "kprinter" or the KDE Control Center (Printing Manager) don't give CUPS
>as a choice as the KDElibs aren't compiled against libcups...

As I said because it's disabled. We wonn't link it against your 
personal copy of cups, though. A fink package must satisfy all its 
dependency from other Fink packages.


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