On 22-2-2018 14:33, Adriano dos Santos Fernandes wrote:
As part of CORE-5750 problems, I found that Firebird considers '12Mar92'
as a valid date (1992-03-12).

Should this be considered a bug, i.e., separators should be necessary in
this case (12-Mar-92, 12/Mar/92, 12.Mar.92)?

I'd argue that we should - by default - only support the formats defined in the SQL standard yyyy-MM-dd for date, HH:mm:ss[.[f...]] for time and yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss[.[f...]] for timestamps (ignoring options needed for timezone offsets), but doing that would seriously break things.

Maybe we should implement the FORMAT-clause of the CAST specification, users can then have explicit control if they want or need a different format.

Mark Rotteveel

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