Morning Helen,

(or is it, where you are?)

On 31/10/12 08:59, Helen Borrie wrote:

> I don't think any of us has SFTP access to
To be honest, I can't remember! I'm sure I did have ssh and sftp to 
wherever we upload our docs to - I have to supply Sergey with a public 
key a long time back.

 > ...

> is the IP address corresponding to, which 
> is where we ordinary mortals upload and edit stuff.

norman@hubble ~ $ nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:

252? or 253? I have an email from Sergey from 11th October 2011 telling 
me to login as www-data@ and no password would be required.

It seems this is not the case as I get prompted for www-data's password. 
Anyway, I'm having another conversation with Sergey even as I type. 
Hopefully, all will be well soon.


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