Thursday, October 12, 2017, 12:59:11 AM, Paul V. wrote:

> Hi all,

> Three people - one of them a committer - have expressed their preference
> for moving to GitHub.

> I have no problem with that, but I would also like to hear Helen's opinion,
> as she is the heaviest user of the manual module.

I guess I have to say (to quote my ex-Navy husband) "that's life in a
blue suit."  My preference would have been to convert to SVN and leave
the repository on Sourceforge - don't fix what aint broke.  But Github
seems to dominate our (project) lives these days.

Currently, with the CVS and SVN clients I use - necessarily on
Windows, since our doc app is Windows-based - I can commit, check out,
etc. from a right click on the /manual/ subdir, or any subdir beneath
it.  Given that I'm committing to multiple projects, this is a
blessing that I will miss badly.

After all these months with the core project on GitHub, I have yet to
succeed in downloading the repository AT ALL to access the readme
files in the core tree for use in the release notes.  I have to rely
on Dmitry sending me a link, from which I can view a file and
copy/paste it into my local resource directory for that version.

As for code control, I currently keep two copies of the /manual/
branch:  one for working on and the other which I sync with the
working one before committing.  I have no idea how I will manage with
the Github thing.  Any docs I have read so far (and I have not tried
in recent months) assumes that one is working on the entire source
code tree.  I do NOT want to keep a current copy of the entire tree.
To consult core source code, it is simple for me to find what I want
in the repository and copy/paste it, since I never commit changes to
that code.

I guess I just have to work something out.  This is about the worst
week Mark could have picked, from my POV, as I'm already burning the
midnight oil on other project infrastructure problems and TRYING (in
conjunction with Denis Simonov) to sort out the Ringlish translation
of the FB Developer's Guide.

Note that Denis will have to be "in" on any changes as, this time
around, he is planning to convert the Word text to DocBook himself and
(presumably) commit the DocBook source once he has built it
successfully.  Amongst other things, he has quite a number of
screenshots there which, of course, are binary files.  I have no idea
how GH deals with image files but I guess we are going to find out
soon enough.  I can't walk him through it myself, since I am clueless
about how it's going to work.


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