On 17-10-2017 06:44, Helen Borrie wrote:
I downloaded the zip from your repository and looked at a few of the
.docbook files from the v.3.0.2 release notes with the editor I use
for creating and updating them.  They look OK to me.

The ReadMe file in the base directory has messed-up line-endings,
though.  I guess we'll need to test what happens when one of the
(currently good) source files gets updated.  We definitely cannot do
with extraneous white space in those files.

Git normalizes line-endings of text files in its internal storage to LF, when you checkout the file on a Windows git client (depending on configuration), it converts those line endings back to CRLF in the local working copy. This allows for ease of inter-operating between linux and friends (LF) and Windows (CRLF).

The zip file generated by GitHub however uses the files as stored in the default format (or at least, it behaves as if the file is created on Linux).

Using the Github Desktop, I couldn't access the local copy of the
unpacked zipfile but I cloned a new repository off it, which created
the three git config files.  It didn't copy anything else, so I
file-copied all of the unpacked filesystem (except the git
configuration files) into it.  That sort of worked and it was able to
link back to your github repository and log me in from the local

The zipfile download from GitHub is a copy of the data in the repository, it is not a repository itself. That is probably why you can't just access it with GitHub Desktop, as that expects a 'real' git repository.

I'm sure that's not how it's done but at least I am comfortable with
the migrated file formats and filesystem structure, so far.  It looks
possible that I will be able to sync the working source files with the
git ones, much as I was doing with CVS and SVN.

You should be able to also use subversion by pointing it to https://github.com/mrotteveel/test-firebird-documentation-3

I haven't tested that yet, and I expect it may need some additional tweaking of the .gitattributes configuration.

I have also 'invited' you as a collaborator to the test conversion if you want to test write access.

Mark Rotteveel

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