On 17-10-2017 11:15, Mark Rotteveel wrote:
I'm sure that's not how it's done but at least I am comfortable with
the migrated file formats and filesystem structure, so far.  It looks
possible that I will be able to sync the working source files with the
git ones, much as I was doing with CVS and SVN.

You should be able to also use subversion by pointing it to https://github.com/mrotteveel/test-firebird-documentation-3

I haven't tested that yet, and I expect it may need some additional tweaking of the .gitattributes configuration.

I just tested GitHub subversion support, but it doesn't apply the line-ending config from .gitattributes.

I had hoped it would automatically apply 'svn:eol-style=native' properties to text files, but instead it will return the files bare as stored in the repository (which means LF line-endings for text files). This makes it next to useless on Windows unless you use tools that will apply LF line-endings consistently.

That means it is probably better to ignore the presence of subversion support in GitHub.

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