Yes indeed, it does look smart. Unfortunately, the pdf of isql suffers from 
formatting errors, in justification, Appendix A - second line, first paragraph 
for example.

I trie asciidoc and asciidoctor some time back, but I didn't get on with 

I used Sphinx-doc for a project a while back, that was much better, but 
requires Python etc. With github and sphinx you can get an automatic build on 
commit/push and the pdf, html and epub (I think) can be uploaded automagically 

I use ReStructuredText at work to create version controllable sources for pdf 
and Word (hack, spit) documents. Currently I convert with Pandoc - which I 
suspect will read docbook and write asciidoc, if necessary - although it's 
better to convert to LaTeX, do some editing and then generate the pdf. That 
gives a much better output.

I'm rather fond of these plain text sources that can generate almost anything!

Good work Mark.


On 15 June 2018 12:32:26 BST, Mark Rotteveel <> wrote:
>On 15-6-2018 11:26, Alexey Kovyazin wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I like the result - html docs looks really cool.
>> Also, I think it is more suitable for the translation.
>> Do you have PDF version to take a look at?
>I have now also added PDF versions on 
> (you may need to
>a hard refresh due to caching). Again, this is just default without any
>Firebird specific styling, etc.
>Mark Rotteveel
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Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world's most
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