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One way of looking at the question of curriculum would be from the point of 
view of what already exists
of education in the Foundations of Information.

Are there any courses which might be a part of such a curriculum?

To start with I can tell about the course I have, which does not cover much of 
Science of information, but there are several connections.
As I work at the computer science department, my perspective is computational.
For me computing is information processing and information is that which is 
processed, and that which is a result of processing.
Processing may be done by a machine or by an organism or anything else - the 
whole of nature computes (processes information) in different ways.
As info-computationalist, I believe that information is unthinkable without 
So the course is on Computing and Philosophy but addresses Philosophy of 
Information and Science of Information as well and topics on evolution of life, 
intelligence (natural and artificial), consciousness, etc.  

I believe it would be good to have a course on the foundations of information 
science for people in the computing.
Information and computation are completely entangled! And this gives also an 
opportunity to introduce other fields into computing, to contribute to building 
bridges and
facilitating inter-disciplinary/ cross-disciplinary/ trans-disciplinary  

This is not as ambitious as the original question, but can help understanding 
where we are now and where we want to be.

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And it could feature in 'Science for Non-Majors' courses as well.

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Hi All,

I agree with those who are suggesting that Information Science makes sense
as a widely useful way to think about different scientific disciplines
even if we don't have a strong consensus on how to define 'information'.
I think there is enough coherence among views of 'information' to underpin
the unity and universality of the approach.  Perhaps Information Science
is less a discipline of its own and more of a common approach to
understanding that can be applied across disciplines.  While I can imagine
good courses focusing on Information Science, it might be most productive
to include a common framework for information-based models/viewpoints
across the curriculum.

Guy Hoelzer

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