Thanks John and Kevin to update issues in information, computation, energy and reality.

 I would like point out to other articles more focused in how coherence and entanglement are used by living systems (far from thermal equilibrium):


Engel G.S., Calhoun T.R., Read E.L., Ahn T.K., Mancal T., Cheng Y.C., Blankenship R.E., Fleming G.R. (2007) Evidence for wavelike energy transfer through quantum coherence in photosynthetic systems. Nature, 446(7137): 782-786.


Collini E., Scholes G. (2009) Coherent intrachain energy in migration in a conjugated polymer at room temperature.  Science, vol. 323 No. 5912 pp. 369-373.


Gauger E.M., Rieper E., Morton J.J.L., Benjamin S.C., Vedral V. (2011) Sustained Quantum Coherence and Entanglement in the Avian Compass. Phys. Rev. Lett., 106: 040503.


Cia, J. et al, (2009)  Dynamic entanglement in oscillating molecules.  arXiv:0809.4906v1 [quant-ph]









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