Hi Pedro,

    Thank you for your well crafted (typical Pedro) synthesizing statement,
it was a pleasure to read. Thanks also for the reminders of J. Diamonds
work. It has been ages since I read it, but it was certainly a treasure
(hmm, now where I put my copy . . . )

Your note:
> Bob has drafted the universal drama, where the elements of the two
different scenarios AP & LP mix<
I am not sure I have seen the draft referenced here, or if I missed it in
an earlier post – details?
In acquainting myself with the IS4IS community I recall seeing some
references to your AP, but in my quick survey I never came across anything
of depth. I assumed such work existed, but I did not stumble upon it. Can
you point me to a particular piece that you feel gives a good
representation? Your posts have rekindled my curiosity.
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