Dear Arturo,

1. You are not correct and not right!

If it is written as you have seen, it is just as it is!
Three times we kindly asked for permission but no answer.
It is possible that my letters were rejected automatically as spam.
What to do? Only what we could to do was to cite posts and to give links.

In addition, it is impossible to include long posts in a short paper. 
Because of this, they have to be shortened by author (preferred) or by the 

2. The main result from our work on the paper is clearly summarized in my  
final words in the paper.
No problems, if you could not read them.
My next post next week will remember it.

3. Finally, the paper in not stenographic protocol. 
Not every post is connected to the given theme and it is clear that it could 
not be taken in a short paper.
The theme of discussion for the paper usually is pointed in my “simple 

If your posts will concern the discussed theme, please clearly point this.

4. In the next discussion which will start soon, everybody is kindly invited to 
take part and to be included in the future paper.

The polite and high scientific style of the posts to be published in an 
International Journal are OBLIGATED!

Friendly greetings

Sent: Sunday, February 18, 2018 10:58 PM
To: Krassimir Markov ; 
Subject: Re: [Fis] The FIS paper "Data versus Information " is published

Dear, prominent Authors,

You write in this paper: " Several posts are not included in the text below due 
to lack of permission from their authors".

I think that several post were not included in the text just because they were 
too critical against the loose, flabby concepts of information provided in this 

Some contributions are very interesting, but others deserve the despising label 
of pseudoscience. 

On the other side, If you provide ELEVEN (more or less, I cannot be sure, I 
counted it, but I lost my attention after the Greeek Gods...) different 
definitions of information, how do you hope to be trusted? 

Forgive me to be honest, but FIS means also harsh discussion!  

  Il 18 febbraio 2018 alle 20.49 Krassimir Markov <> ha scritto:

  Dear Pedro and FIS Colleagues,

  I am glad to inform you that the paper which was created by a group of FIS 
members is ready.
  It is published with open access in the International Journal “Information 
Theories and Applications”, Volume 24, Number 4, pages 303-321.

  The title of the paper is “Data versus Information“.
  It contains a small part of FIS discussions but it is representative how 
creative is the FIS society!
  Many thanks to authors of the paper – more than three months we work on the 

  IJ ITA Vol. 24:
  Direct link to the paper:

  Friendly greetings


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