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A sort of "attention" capable of fast and furious displacements of the focus... 
 helas, this means a meta-observer or an observer-in-command.

   Pedro, it is of course one thing to conceive of a hierarchy of observers for 
our own sake, but quite another to figure out what the concrete participants 
such as molecules are doing out there. They are doing what would seem 
appropriate for them to do without minding what we are observing. At issue must 
be how something looking like a chain of command could happen to emerge without 
presuming such a chain in the beginning. Prerequisite to its emergence would be 
the well-being of each participant taken care of locally, as a replenishable 
inevitable. That is an issue of the origins of life. The impending agenda is on 
something general universal as an object, and yet concrete particular enough in 
process. The richness resides within the concreteness down to the bottom. 


   Apropos, the communications among the local participants differ from 
computation despite the seemingly concrete outlook of the latter. Computation 
upon the notion of time as the linear sequence of the now points is not 
available to the local participants because of the lack of the physical means 
for guaranteeing the sharing of the same now-point among themselves.


   Koichiro Matsuno




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