On 9/1/06, Cliff Rowley <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
We all understand these issues, but they are still irrelevant.  We're
developers, and the people we sell to are not.  They don't care about
these things one jot.

Cliff, you are working for the wrong people. ;-) I've been there;
luckily the people I work for now do listen to my suggestions, and as
a respected developer, my opinions hold weight. My boss actually is
already playing around with SWHX to see if it does fit our next
product's needs. If you are selling directly to clients as a
freelancer or agency, it's the same thing, if they respect you, then
your opinion on the technology that they should choose will matter.

On another note, one advantage that SWHX has right now, is that it's
released. All we can do with Apollo at the moment is think about what
we could make with it. With that said, I'm with Edwin on this, I can't
wait to try out Apollo too.

Anyway, have a great weekend.

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