I do understand that.  Currently this is not a problem, but as AS3/FP9 move
forward on their own inevitable path, will SWHX play catchup or will it
concentrate on its own thing?  I suspect the latter.

On 9/2/06, Thomas Wester <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Please note SWHX has full support for AS3 and AS2. It is using Neko/HaXe
as a platform to host it's functionality. There is no tight coupling
between the UI .swf and the HaXe backend that favours HaXe dev above
ActionScript dev. Your swf can be written using Flash 8/9/Flex 2.

The fact version 1.0 has full support for AS2/AS3 as well as HaXe
doesn't support the trend you suggest. In contrary, it is showing SWHX
is a open platform that is offering target developers choice.

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