I have a custom TimerEvent that I am using to pass some
information when the timer is up. My issue is that I dont need to pass the
information until the time is up but how can i pass the information to a
timer that is not available yet?

                    The basic setup is something like this:

                    public function myFunc ( varToPass : String, delay :
Number = 0 )


                        if ( delay > 0 )


                            globalTimer = new Timer ( delay, 1)
                            globalTimer.addEventListener (
TimerEvent.Timer, timerEventHandler)

                        } else {

                            dispatchEvent ( new SoundTimerEvent (
SoundTimerEvent.PLAY_VO , _sound ) ) ;


                    private function timeEventHandler ( te : TimerEvent )


                        // More stuff here

                    if no delay is added the event gets dispatched properly
and everything moves great but how would I add or pass a variable through
the globalTimer so that when the timer is up I can catch the _sound

                    Any ideas?

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