If we ever he need to pass extra arguments to the handler we use a delegate
class to pass them. Usage:

obj.addEventListener(Event.TYPE, Delegate.create(this, _handler, arg1,

private function _handler(e:Event, arg1:Object, arg2:Object):void


I added our delegate class as an attachment.

Note that for class methods the scope (first argument of the create method)
has no influence.

Greetz Erik

On 3/12/08, Helmut Granda <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Bob,
> Thanks for the comment, that is the route that started working on after
> posting the question and the only issue I am having is dispatching the
> custom event when the timer has been reached, I did a soft search for
> samples of extending the Timer Class with custom TimerEvents but wasnt
> able
> to find any.... would you happen to know where I could find more info?
> Thanks!!
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