Yes that's that :)

Anyway in your case you know the incoming XML schema so you shouldn't use wildcard "*" - I think wildcards have serious performance hits.

i.e. "theXML.topics.topic." should be used rather than "theXML..*."

Kenneth Kawamoto

Merrill, Jason wrote:
Ah, I know where the confusion came from, you said the code was based on
my example, but that was actually Wagner's example, where he put

var test:XML = <data>...etc.

(it was based on my example, but he used "test" as an instance of the
XML when requoting my original question) The use of "test" as the XML
name threw me, because it was mixed in with the regex method, "re.test"
- I never realized you meant "test" as the XML not test as some regex
method I wasn't aware of.  So when you wrote

var xmlListSearch:XMLList = test..*.(re["test"](attribute("*")) || re["test"](child("*")));

You meant

var xmlListSearch:XMLList =  theXML..*.(re["test"](attribute("*")) ||

Got it, I'll give it a shot, thanks.
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