Hi list...

If I instance my mc associated with a Ball.as class, through code, there
is no problem:

var b:Ball = new Ball("basketball");
// basketball shows up on stage

But, if I drag a Ball instance onto the timeline and set "basketball"
from the parameters panel of the tool palette, I get error 1063:argument
count mismatch.  Expected 1, got 0.  Shouldn't the parameter passed in
that panel get passed along to the constructor?

In the component definition, I've tried leaving the class field blank,
or filling it in with Ball.  Neither works.  In the component definition
is a var called "which."  It's a list.  Am I missing a step?

- Michael M.

// The class is:

package {
        import flash.display.MovieClip;
        public class Ball extends MovieClip {
                public function Ball(which:String){

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