Thanks a lot for such a quick reply. 

I haven't googled  it much but you guessed it right,  I am bit worried about
some features like

1.       Will urlloader/loader(inbuilt as3 class) classes work fine. I wish
to load swf built in as3 in my main file.
2.      can we use animations for app
3.      in general what is the apple response to adobe air apps when we
submit it for approval.

Sumeet Kumar

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Hi Sumeet,

is the question about flash content on the ipad, or eLearning content in
particular. If so, what aspects in particular are you 'worried' about?
For flash/air development on the ipad in general, its awesome;).

There is a lot of tooling and information out there, which will probably
take you a day or two to get up to speed with, for example using the
helloworld samples provided by adobe (dont have the url handy).
With the new air sdk's and starling performance is less of an issue as well,
but a steeper learning curve, so using basic flash (non starling/3d etc) you
might have to put in some more time to optimize the content. In general if
this is your first ipad project but you are familiar with flash, I'd say
somewhere between 1.2 - 2 times your original estimate:) depending on the
size of the project.

Any features in particular you are wondering about?


On 13/06/2012 14:35, Sumeet Kumar wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have to do some research on creating elearning courses for iPad. Has 
> any tried to develop eLearning content using adobe air?
> Any suggestions or ideas in this regard would be great.
> Regards
> Sumeet Kumar
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