Can you elaborate on this further please?

I am working on an iPad only app using Flash CS5.5 and the client has asked
if the app could load in animated graphs. I initially thought this would be
easy loading in a swf but then discovered that not even a stop action was

It sounds like you may have an alternative solution so would be interested
to know more.



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You can load swfs into the app BUT the swfs can not contain any action
script in them. This includes giving class names to items in your library or
even simple "stop()" commands.

We use swfs as external libraries in our as3 built apps but our approach has
been to put items on the stage and name those instances (which you can do
with imported swfs). Then use getChildByName to extract the instances we

You definitely need to use Apple's philosophy and "Think Different" but it
does work.



On 2012-06-13, at 10:04 AM, Hans Wichman wrote:

> . *However* as far as I know you cannot load an swf with it. This might
require a different architectural setup than you had in mind.
> On 13-6-2012 15:35, Sumeet Kumar wrote:
>> Thanks a lot for such a quick reply.
>> I haven't googled  it much but you guessed it right,  I am bit 
>> worried about some features like
>> 1.    Will urlloader/loader(inbuilt as3 class) classes work fine. I wish
>> to load swf built in as3 in my main file.

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