> Our key learning event for 2013 will be O'Reilly's Fluent Conference in San
> Francisco in May

I'd second Fluent, based on feedback I got about the last one. I
didn't attend myself, though.

Once you have a specific toolset, you might find other, more directed,
conferences. For example, we do a lot of stuff with Sencha (Touch,
EXT-JS, EXT for GWT, Sencha Designer) and they have their own
conference called, appropriately enough, SenchaCon. On an unrelated
note, I recommend you check out Sencha Designer, which is shaping up
to be a very nice tool.

You might also want to check out Google I/O - although this is
certainly not a JS conference, they do cover a lot of technologies
that rely heavily on JS.

Dave Watts, CTO, Fig Leaf Software

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