Not too sure about conferences. We have UX in London but not sure how much
focus is on JS.

On the forum / educational side I have found the following resources

Chris Coyier's screencasts and blog posts are awesome for learning simple
and advanced css authoring and keeping up-to-date with best practices. 

Experts Exchange
This is a subscription based service but the quality of programming advice
for every language including JS is well worth it

For IDE's it's difficult and for me, the single biggest barrier to entry
because of the huge number of development options. The key is to find a
workflow that works best for you but the following resources I cannot
recommend highly enough:
- Sublime Text 2
- Wordpress (Bones HTML5 Development Theme)
- CSS using SASS (Compass.App)
- Greensock Animation Library

Sublime Text 2 - Text Editor
There are thousands of extensions and packages I don't know where to begin

If you're learning HTML5 then learning responsive design techniques is a
must - this involves using CSS media queries so once you have grasped the
basics of CSS, be sure to move to using pre-processing language like SASS or
LESS - there's a great article on css tricks about the benefits and merits
of each method. I use SASS and it's sped up my whole development  process 10
fold!). To do this on Windows I use
If you're using Mac, then Codekit includes libraries for compass.

I do a lot of web development in Wordpress, there are a lot of great
resources out there but if you're really looking to learn best practices for
Responsive Web Design then you cannot go wrong with the Bones HTML5 Theme,
amazingly well commented

jQuery is obviously ubiquitous but if you're a flasher then you've probably
used Tweenmax in AS3 and if you loved using that as much as I did then you
should definitely try the new Greensock for JavaScript library.
It provides a nice, familiar syntax and a ton of plugins that make animation
in html5 a lot easier than using jQuery plugins which seem to have a short
shelve life due to continual updates of the jQuery library (Can also be used
on conjunction with jQuery).

I haven't tried Sencha yet but look forward to dipping my toe soon.

If you're looking to develop purely in Javascript using MVC design patterns
then a framework like backbone.js , dojo or node.js get a lot of mentions
though I haven't looked into any of this seriously yet.


Marco Terrinoni - Director
web design // animation // illustration
uk: +44 7876 652 643

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Thanks Dave - I have found a few of my answers on Stack Overflow in the
past, I like it. Is it web browser only or can you subscribe like a mailing
list? I think I prefer that format. 

Jason Merrill
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> Oh, and as a side note, does Fig Leaf host a similar mailing list like
this but for Javascript / AJAX'y stuff?

We do not. I personally tend to just rely on StackExchange for JS questions.

Dave Watts, CTO, Fig Leaf Software

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