So I have this complex TLFTextField vortex where I try to let user format text 
with … Bullet Lists for example.
So … so so …. I have got this overly complex and deep question to whether some 
did write this API or was it thrown together by some spaghetti monster ? (ok, 
this is some intentional pun towards bad Adobe documenters not doing their work)

Here goes my question/remark/complaint/doom:
Why is it /so/ hard to remove a ListElement ?

If you wish to answer, don't bother reading, just get that:
How can I remove a bullet list I added with EditManager.createList ?

I see EditManager.createList (which works perfectly) but why on earth no one 
did a 'EditManager.removeList' ???
How can I remove a bulleted list I added with code ? Why is it not available 
per se in the EditManager public methods ? Since when do we use a Class to 
createSomething, and totally fail to provide the removeSomething part ?
The only almost feasible way I found was using ListElement.moveChildren … but 
maaaan: this only happens to be a success if you don't add button that let the 
user decide when he/she wants to format some part of some text …

This TLFTextField is quite a debacle. I wonder if Adobe people know that no one 
can handle such bad APIs and documentation :'(

Cedric, all in flames.
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