Thanks :)
Yep, my application _requires_ TLF (left to right, right to left, top down 
(korean), ligatures, …. and so on, that's is a big circus).
The worst part is that I managed implementing everything else.
I think I may be off for a quick exit if I understand how I can get a 'fake' 
ListElementGroup (if any, or a 'real' one if needed) based on a Selection. I 
bet I could 'moveChildren' out of this ListElement hierarchy.

Thanks anyways. I feel my pain now … as I realize I could down with the ship 
(and I am not that kind of captain!)

> I think you are quite right that this is a problematic api. While I can't 
> address your specific question, I had tons of problems with TLF in the past. 
> It caused strange bugs that would break my movies(this was in CS5) At the 
> time, there were a lot of complaints on the forums with TLF with the solution 
> simply to not use it. You can google "problems with TLF text" to see a lot of 
> the issues and some of the clunky, heavy workaround solutions.
> I noticed that Flash CC no longer supports TLF, which I found gratifying - as 
> I had lost tons of hours dealing with it, while on deadline no less.
> So, good luck, as it sounds as if your application requires TLF!!! But if you 
> weren't too far committed, I thought this bit of history might help you in 
> your decision making to use the api at all.
>> From:
>> Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2013 18:53:41 +0200
>> To:
>> Subject: [Flashcoders] TLFTextField drowning me ...
>> So I have this complex TLFTextField vortex where I try to let user format 
>> text with … Bullet Lists for example.
>> So … so so …. I have got this overly complex and deep question to whether 
>> some did write this API or was it thrown together by some spaghetti monster 
>> ? (ok, this is some intentional pun towards bad Adobe documenters not doing 
>> their work)
>> Here goes my question/remark/complaint/doom:
>> Why is it /so/ hard to remove a ListElement ?
>> If you wish to answer, don't bother reading, just get that:
>> How can I remove a bullet list I added with EditManager.createList ?
>> I see EditManager.createList (which works perfectly) but why on earth no one 
>> did a 'EditManager.removeList' ???
>> How can I remove a bulleted list I added with code ? Why is it not available 
>> per se in the EditManager public methods ? Since when do we use a Class to 
>> createSomething, and totally fail to provide the removeSomething part ?
>> The only almost feasible way I found was using ListElement.moveChildren … 
>> but maaaan: this only happens to be a success if you don't add button that 
>> let the user decide when he/she wants to format some part of some text …
>> This TLFTextField is quite a debacle. I wonder if Adobe people know that no 
>> one can handle such bad APIs and documentation :'(
>> Cedric, all in flames.
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