It's not that difficult if you do it right.

First, I'm not a fan of timeline code except for defining sections, such as
stop on a keyframe,  and minor control commands like gotoAndStop and
gotoAndPlay. The rest I like to do in an external ActionScript file.

I haven't used the Flash IDE in 3-4 years--I use Flex and FlashBuilder
almost exclusively now--but let's see what I can remember.

First, when you create the movie clip, click "Export for ActionScript".
Let's say your mc is called movingSprite. It will have a class name of
movingSprite. You can change that if you want.

If you already have the mc in the library, right-click and choose
properties. That will bring up the same dialog--check Export for

In the Properties tab (often called the Property Inspector), declare a
document class. That just means the class that will run when you launch the
movie. Let's call it myDocClass.

Now create the document class. Choose File -> New... and choose
ActionScript Class. Name it myDocClass, and Flash will create a new
actionScript class file. Create another class file and name it

Now you can create an instance of the movie clip and assign it variables. I
wouldn't do that in the document class, though. I would declare them in the
class file.


Kerry Thompson

On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 2:23 PM, Ted Lehr <> wrote:

> How can I create a variable in a dynamic object?
> For example, if I had a movie clip in the library, I could open it up and
> on the first frame I could give it:
> var velocityX:Number = Math.random()*10-10;
> I could then refer to mc.velocityX;
> How can I create that variable on an object create in actionscript?
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