Howdy all,

Well my client wants to pull 20 latest feeds from their Twitter, Instagram and 
Pinterest. I’ve already found out that Twitter stopped supporting RSS feeds and 
retired the REST api v1 and now have the Twitter API v1.1 that is JSON only. 
Does anyone access Twitter feeds some other way. Twitter says that RSS is out 
and I haven’t worked with JSON before.

Also, I’m trying find out about how to access Pinterest and Instagram to just 
get the number of followers of four specific users. I really can’t find any 
meaningful help out their in relationship with Flash/AS3.

Has anyone done either of these or know of a direction you can point me in to 
get some guidance? 

Thanks in advance for any help,

John R. Sweeney Jr.
Senior Interactive Multimedia Developer
OnDemand Interactive Inc
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169    

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