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  > 1. Have you the slightest idea how it's done in the reality?
>     That's standard procedure to restore full backup plus all 
>     incrementals you have, if you invented some other schema,
>     please let me know 
>     (at work we're currently backing up between 15-20 TB / night)
 > 2. What's worse? Dataloss or too much data!!!

Let us first agree that data loss is totally unacceptable.
I'm not arguing that data loss is a good thing. (Am i? Where?)

But for me, "too much data" is *ALSO* unacceptable, because it does not 
represent reality. Let me illustrate with a scenario:

* I start with a directory e.g. under Apache's configuration that
   has a single file a.conf
* I make a full backup.
* rm a.conf
* Add a file b.conf
* (Notice that at no point in time was there ever more
   than one file in the directory)
* I make an incremental backup.
* Hard disk crash
* Restore full backup
* Restore incremental backup

Result with current flexbackup:

A directory containing both a.conf AND b.conf.

Wouldn't you rather end up with a directory containing *exactly* b.conf 
- the exact contents of the directory when the incremental backup was made?

Ok, so in a directory where there is supposed to be 1 single file you 
may be able to remember yourself to delete a.conf (because it is *not* 
supposed to be there). Lets just hope I slept well and didn't remove 
b.conf instead by accident because I was tired... ;)

But with "between 15-20 TB" of data as you put it? Who can remember 
which of the gazillion files to delete?

No, I don't want that to be a guessing game.

In some (most?) cases, "too much data" is just annoying - not really 
catastrophic. But in some cases (e.g. conf.d, cron.d, *.d directories, 
or a file containing sensitive data that was deleted) this *is* 
catastrophic. I could end up with a system that won't boot or misbehaves 
or is dangerous after a full+incremental restore.

I will not trust my system+data to such a backup-system. Are *you* 
comfortable with that? What is the down side of being able to restore 

You are right, I don't know "EMC Networker, Veritas Netbackup, HP Data 
Protector", but I'm willing to bet they can restore a directory 
containing *exactly* b.conf. (Am I right?)


Peter Valdemar Mørch

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