Charlie Brady |Lists| wrote:
> I don't know. Is that question relevant to this list? Are you offering to 
> sponsor the development of the features you find missing?

No, in fact, I'm strongly considering implementing them directly myself! :D

As I wrote in my original post:
> I'm tempted to take a stab at adding the meta data to the created and 
> backuped data and implementing -restore and -search. I've just never 
> used a tape backup system, only to-disk. Would anybody we willing to 
> test any such enhancements on a tape-drive?

To business:

Charlie Brady |Lists| wrote:

> to create such a thing, you need a considerably more 
> sophisticated process for creating incremental backups.

I'm thinking that when creating a backup, incremental, differential or 
otherwise, all that needs to get stored is the full current "list of 
files" that currently exist on the disk within the backup set's directories.

 From that, after restoring either a full backup set a 
full+incremental+incremental or whatever, then the "list of files" from 
the last restored set (incremental or full) will contain exactly which 
files should be present. Then one can (offer to) remove the files that 
are not in the "list of files" or just present a list of files suggested 
for deletion.

It should be really easy! (Well, we'll see... :D)

 From the posts in this thread I'm aware that this new functionality 
maybe shouldn't be the default. But I need it so I think I'll introduce 
it as optional behavior.

Peter Valdemar Mørch

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