On Fri, 4 Aug 2006, Peter Valdemar Mørch wrote:

> flexbackup-at-worreby.ch |Lists| wrote:
>   > 1. Have you the slightest idea how it's done in the reality?
> >     That's standard procedure to restore full backup plus all 
> >     incrementals you have...

That is standard procedure, unless you have fancy expensive tools.

> Wouldn't you rather end up with a directory containing *exactly* b.conf 
> - the exact contents of the directory when the incremental backup was made?

Sure, but to create such a thing, you need a considerably more 
sophisticated process for creating incremental backups. The 'standard 
procedure' backs up all data created or modified since the last full 
backup. You only need the metadata of all the current data to do that, and 
that's all in the file system.

You want deletion records for all data deleted since the last backup. You 
need both old and new metadata to construct that. Only the new metadata is 
contained in the file system.

You also need an archive structure which contains deletion records. AFAIK 
tar, cpio etc don't handle that.

> You are right, I don't know "EMC Networker, Veritas Netbackup, HP Data 
> Protector", but I'm willing to bet they can restore a directory 
> containing *exactly* b.conf. (Am I right?)

I don't know. Is that question relevant to this list? Are you offering to 
sponsor the development of the features you find missing?

Or are you complaining because the gift you received isn't exactly what 
you want?


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