Things get lost in translation, but one goal of the parallel frameworks is to 
not leverage things that get lost in translation.  Otherwise, since JS and AS 
are ECMA-based, the translation works pretty well.

Keep in mind that, while Adobe is no longer investing in ActionScript 3 on the 
Flash Player, and not developing Flash Player for mobile devices, and AIR may 
not run on all mobile devices, where the FlashPlayer is today, it will likely 
be there “forever”.  So, if alll of your users are using desktops/laptops that 
have browsers that have Flash, you can continue to use Flex and/or ActionScript 
3 to build applications and they will likely run there not just in five years, 
but even after that.  There is no time-bomb in the players that will go off and 
stop running.  Even though ActionScript Next and FlashPlayer Next are not 
compatibile with ActionScript 3, the AS3 VM will ship in the FlashPlayers that 
Adobe ships in the future.  There is the possibility that the browser vendors 
will stop supporting plugins, but I would imagine they will keep a 
compatibility-mode somehow.  I think there is too much Flash content out there 
and to block it from existing desktops/laptops would “break the web” and I 
don’t expect the browser vendors or Adobe take such a risk.  There would be too 
much negative press.  That doesn’t mean that new computers with new OS’s may 
not support Flash (that’s what Apple did with IOS), and many home users may 
forgo traditional computers for tablets in the future, so keep that in mind as 

I don’t know the PDF market that well, but again, I would expect PDFs to 
continue to support Flash “forever” as well.  At least for the readers on 
traditional desktops/laptops.

On 12/17/12 10:48 AM, "John McCormack" <> wrote:

Thank you.
 That's interesting and very helpful.

 One does wonder if a separate translation tool would do the job faithfully, 
and so creates doubt.

 For someone that wants to use SWFs in PDFs to deliver educational content that 
is fully interactive, what workflow would you suggest using for the next three 
to five years?


 On 17/12/2012 16:31, Alex Harui wrote:

  Re: [flexcoders] Re: Flex alternatives  Adobe has no plans that I know of to 
get ActionScript to work with HTML5 in the same way that Google is proposing 
Dart as an alternative to JavaScript.

 The Apache Flex project is working on a compiler that will translate 
ActionScript to JavaScript.  In addition, the link I posted proposes a 
component framework that would enable you to build or prototype your app in 
Flash using FlashBuilder and ActionScript and then run a separate tool outside 
of FlashBuilder to translate it to JavaScript where it will run and leverage 
HTML or HTML5 components.

 Alternatively, the same ActionScript to JavaScript compiler would let you 
write the script portions of your website as ActionScript using FlashBuilder 
and have separate HTML files, then use the same separate tool outside of 
FlashBuilder to translate the ActionScript to JavaScript.  And maybe variations 
will be created that can output to various JS frameworks.

 At this time, there are no plans to change FlashBuilder to integrate the 
translation workflow.  Adobe’s focus for FlashBuilder is on building 
ActionScript gaming and premium video projects that run on the Flash player.  I 
suppose if the JS workflow became wildly popular and Adobe could see a revenue 
stream by supporting such a workflow things might change, but I wouldn’t count 
on it.  There is a better chance that someone in Apache Flex will start 
creating plugins for Eclipse to support the workflow or one of the other tool 
vendors will provide an integrated workflow.

 The future of ActionScript 3 in Rich Internet Applications (as opposed to 
ActionScript “Next” as mentioned in the Flash roadmap) is actually being given 
more attention by Apache Flex than Adobe.  If you want to continue to use 
ActionScript 3 to develop RIAs, I would encourage you to get involved with the 
Apache Flex project.

 On 12/17/12 2:16 AM, "John McCormack" <> wrote:

 On 17/12/2012 05:12, Alex Harui wrote:

  Re: [flexcoders] Re: Flex alternatives  Adobe has spent the year donating the 
Flex SDK and Falcon compilers to the Apache Software Foundation.  While Adobe 
has a small set of people contributing to Flex in Apache and a team that 
shipped Flash Builder 4.7 and is working on subsequent Flash Builder release, 
Adobe is not leading the development of Flex and has not been for a full year.  
The future of Flex is in the hands of the Apache Flex community.  This document 
should have made Adobe’s plans clear:

 I followed this link through to

  Under Flash Player "Next" this says...
  " and provide a foundation on which Flash can move forward over the next 

  Does this imply ActionScript working collaboratively with HTML5 or is it an 
alternative to HTML5?

  I am asking because I am hoping Flash Builder will continue to offer me a way 
forward (AS3+HTML5).


 Alex Harui
 Flex SDK Team
 Adobe Systems, Inc.

Alex Harui
Flex SDK Team
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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