>JSBSim can output data to the console or to a file in .csv 
>format (comma separated values). JSBSim can also write the 
>data out to a socket. See FGOutput.cpp and FGfdmSocket.cpp 
>for more information. The socket approach is nice for real 
>time stuff. Flightgear may have some or all (and more) 
>capabilities than this for logging, but perhaps not all of 
>the desired flight dynamics data is available that way.
Yes, It is.
I would better if the socket approach use UDP broadcast socket to output data.
UDP Broadcast socket would be faster than stream socket(TCP), and so we can add more 
than one other modules which want JSBSim data in real time.
I am now using a module to receive JSBSim's output from socket and relay to other 
and I am going to modify FGOutput/FGFDMSocket for UDP broadcast socket.

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