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Neither my flying skills nor my spare time are sufficient for taking part in
Vatsim :-(
Me too ...

However, I know that there are a few competiting networks a la Vatsim
present or just emerging and I read several quite sharp debates (from
various parties) about "stealing" ideas, data, members from each other in
Newsgroups right now (instead of sharing services, members, controllers...).
There's also IVAO? which is a different group but uses the same software

If you can do it, I'd propose developing our own (albeit small) service. If
not more, than just a few controllers around KSFO as a proof of concept.
The problem will all these system, as I see it, is the lack of people willing to control. What I think would work much better is a web of servers, but with the ATC manned by AIs. Of course in the long run people could write a controller client and take over from the AI at a position, but basically the system could function happily without any human controllers. Now, writing those ATC AIs is non-trivial, but it's something that's in the pipe-line anyway.

This also suggest a 'Quake-like' approach for local traffic and ATC : simply start a local server running the ATC ai and some plane AIs, and connect the main program to it over loopback. (Quake-like as in this is how every modern first-person shooter based on Quake or Unreal is set up. Bots on the server are indiscernible from other live players, and single-player works as expected, but is in fact running a server too).


The lack of planning on your part does not constitute to an emergency on mine

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