I have some more info on this in a seperate thread:

Keep in mind that FG doesn't have even a limited (FS95 type 'you are cleared
to take off', 'you are cleared to land' ) ATC yet. So a FSD client could be

Their are two main FSD networks:
1) IVAO. This is more of a european network, but with much better
connections in other parts of the world (Australia). I belive they use their
own server, and you can download it from
http://www.ivao.org/network/default.htm. I use this network
2) VATSIM. More of a US-oriented network. With some strong connections in
the Middle East. They have membership of the ProtoDev group. Their network
infastructure isn't too hot however (I find the OZPACK(australian) server is
possibly located outside Australia, it doesn't have a APNIC assigned IP

We could create our own network protocols. I am thinking of building some
thing on top of Jabber. (Fits the profile nicely, XML based (making bindings
available in a lot of languages, most notably PHP (handy for network stats)
, has pluggable "services" and freely availiable server source code). But as
I disscussed in my seperate thread, FlightGear's "openess" can allow me to
program it so the FG pilots can see aircraft from other sims. No other sim
can do that (I think something might do it for FS2002).

Some other FG comms stuff on my long term radar:
1) ACARS. Hey, aircfaft don't communicate over voice completely. They do use
Text comms some times.
2) That darn interactive ATC. This should tie in with any multiplay efforts.
This ain't going to happen soon. I'm looking to start off with the ATC
"vectoring" aircraft on a route. (this is most likely to be Fix type. Since
FG can already use Fixes as Autopilot nav points. No other sim can do that
:) )

Note that most of my effors are likely to be in Java. When the guys at
gcc.gnu.org finish merging CLASSPATH and GCJ's own java code, I will
consider intergrating this into FlightGear natively (optional). But I'm
unsure how GCJ compiled code can be called from C.

I am looking to release a "discussion" paper on this topic sometime.
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> Mathew,
> > "The group is protected by an agreement, made between each
> > developer and the
> > group (as a whole) which prevents disclosure of privileged
> Neither my flying skills nor my spare time are sufficient for taking part
> Vatsim :-(
> However, I know that there are a few competiting networks a la Vatsim
> present or just emerging and I read several quite sharp debates (from
> various parties) about "stealing" ideas, data, members from each other in
> Newsgroups right now (instead of sharing services, members,
> While Vatsim certainly is a cool service with a huge member base and the
> idea seems to be intriguing, I don't think this is the envirenment we want
> for FG, isn't it?
> If you can do it, I'd propose developing our own (albeit small) service.
> not more, than just a few controllers around KSFO as a proof of concept.
> Regards, Michael
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