Norman Vine writes:
> 3) What is really needed for flying under bridges is a general
> purpose 3D collision detection support which the scenery hitlist
> routine is not.  It is only designed to report the height of the
> highest point at the location of the intersection with the terrrain
> scenegraph in the direction specified by the 'look from point' and
> the 'look in direction' vector. Obviously this builds invisible
> walls between surfaces if there is more then one surface at a point,
> such as under a bridge.  I think that this behavior can be reverted
> so as to again only report the distance to 'front side' faces under
> the 'looked from point' but this will break being able to land on an
> aircraft carrier and will allow one to fly thru solid objects.

In many of the higher end commercial sims they build invisible walls
underneath bridges to discourage illegal or unwise behavior ... :-)

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