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> > (if its just the one plane, once I get it to fly multiplayer, my focus
> > be to add multiple/AI plane support to the code, so comments towards
> > achieving that goal will be welcome also)
> >
> I think it would make sense to have the server handle any non-human
> controlled vehicles.  It would keep the load off the client which already
> has its hands full doing a full systems simulation as well as doing
> graphics work.

What I'm driving at here is having a headless client that does multiple
fdm/autopilot sims on behalf of a server which may itself be handling
several planes in addition to the net connections -- no graphics at all -- 
though a side effect will be to have a user controled plane + one or more AI
planes -- it may not get used that way -- but someone might

what I'm asking is "everything looks like it works through globals rather
than discrete instances of aircraft+fdm+autopilot -- am I looking at a
serious architectural change to get multiple independent ac+fdm+ap simulated
concurrently ??"

wether or not the discrete aircraft code gets used in a single user, or
server only environment isnt relevant :) how much work am I looking at to
make it happen :)

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