After visiting Jon Berndt's revamped  JSBsim website and getting hooked on 
heavies after my recent 747 tests, I decided to punch some MD-11 performance 
data, which I picked up from into 
aeromatic and --kinda to my surprise, being an aeronotical nono-- got 
something that's actually flyable. I even managed one landing and take-off 

Well, that's right. It happened in  that order :-) When I first tried loading 
the MD11, it appeared to initialize a few hundred feet above the ground, and 
then started tumbling down. The only way I could start the MD-11 was by using 
the --altitude=10000 option and then wait until it gained enough airspeed to 
recover from the stall.I looked through a few aircraft.xml and 
aircraft-set.xml files to see if there's something I did obviously wrong, but 
couldn't find anything apparent. Any thoughts, suggestions? 

I just started this excersise as a fun project, but now, I'm kinda hooked, 
would like to develop this little beast a bit further, and eventually 
contribute it back to the project.


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