Andy Ross wrote:

It will require OpenAL to be installed separately.  I just did it
under linux, and it's a relatively benign "./ && ./configure
&& make && make install" kind of thing.  They imply that some
distributions install it by default (Fedora doesn't), so it may
already be there.

The "win" directory seems to be MSVC specific, so Jon's fears about a
cygwin build are probably justified (the linux directory won't build
in cygwin: you want the Win32/DirectX implementation, not the OSS/ALSA

There is a link to a binary SDK available from Creative, though, so
presumably cygwin users could use that? I believe cygwin can link
programs against normal windows .lib files, right?

The linux does reference cygwin, so it appears that someone has thought down this path before, I don't know exactly what magic is required to make it work though.

Jon, you might also search for "libopenal" along with cygwin ... if cygwin packaged openal, I bet that is what they'd call it.


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