Jon Berndt writes:
> > Jon, you might also search for "libopenal" along with cygwin ... if
> > cygwin packaged openal, I bet that is what they'd call it.
> >
> > Curt.
> That search appeared to be more productive initially, but nothing helpful
> has cropped up, yet.
> Jon,
> CygWin user - "Help, Help! I'm being repressed!"


I have *no* idea if it actually produces any sound as 
I don't have a sound board on my development system 
but ....

after getting the OPENAL CVS files

cvs -d:pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/local/cvs-repository login
(use password "guest")
cvs -d:pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/local/cvs-repository co openal 

% cd $OPENAL
% cd linux
% ./
% make
% make test

compiles everything without a complaint on my Cygwin installation



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